Arts Café



Bread and Ricotta   4

Soup of the day   7

Dips and Crisps   10
roasted white carrot, dukkah, thyme crisp

Winter Salad   10
root vegetables, date, water Buffalo yogurt

Kale Salad  10
chestnut polenta, brassica

Scallop and Miso   12
Quebec scallop, white miso, winter squash

Mushroom  17
pappardelle, beet, bitter greens

Trout   18
crispy skin, white carrot

Chicken and Waffles   18
wild mushroom, rye berry, winter greens

Butter tart   7
pecan, mascarpone, whey caramel



Scone   3.75

Soup of the day   m.p

Flageolet and Le Comptoir Smoked Sausage Salad   11
fennel, orange, parsley

Chicory and Lardon Salad  13
two poached eggs, potato

Breakfast Sandwich   10
over easy egg, pancetta, tomato, arugula mayonnaise, mixed greens

Granola   12
ginger marinated Cara Cara orange, sugar celery, Greek yogurt, fruit compote

Classic Breakfast   12
eggs, fingerling potato, potato toast, salad
choice of merguez, bacon or polenta

Shakshuka   13
cumin cardamom sauce, Swiss chard leaf, quinoa, potato toast
choice of merguez or polenta

Benedict   14
Sweet Mama squash, gai chop, cranberry,
goat cheese crumble, hollandaise, potato

French Toast   14
Guillaume brioche, cardamom cinnamon egg wash,
apple chutney, cheddar, maple syrup

Cod Cakes   14
poached egg, seasonal vegetable, dill mayonnaise, hollandaise

Poutine   14
duck confit, poached egg, caramelized onion, fingerling potato, cheese curds, hollandaise

Fairmount Bagel   15
trout gravlax, tomato, lemon dill cream cheese, salad

Mackerel and Charcuteries Viens Salami Cotto   13
potato salad, mixed greens, pickle

Vegetable Sandwich   13
eggplant, turnip, horseradish arugula mayonnaise,
Guillaume ciabatta, shiitake broth

Arts Burger   14
beef and pork patty, lettuce, tomato, aged cheddar, Guillaume kaiser, salad